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Pump Battle Series

Check out the top riders and try it yourself!

This year, the Pump Battle World Series – 4X Pro Tour is ridden again during the BMX Supercross @Papendal. The best 4X riders will battle on the pump track. They compete for points for the official World Cup ranking. Hands-on expert and world champion mountain bike (2013) Joost Wichman leads the exciting races. The qualifications take place on Saturday and on Sunday afternoon we will find out who the big winner of the 4X Pro Tour edition Papendal 2018 is.

Papendal pump battle series
Papendal pump battle series
Papendal pump battle series

During the Pump Battle World Series, there are two identical pump tracks alongside each other. Two riders stand side by side at the start, each on its own track. The goal is to complete the track as quickly as possible and beat your competitor. In between races, you can try the pump track yourself. So, bring your mountain bike, BMX, step or skateboard to Papendal and try yourself!


At first glance, a pump track looks like a BMX track. Hills, bumps and curves form a challenging track. However, a pump track is not merely suited for BMX bikes, but also for skateboards, inline skates and stunt scooters. Practically anything on wheels. And that’s unique!

You will move forward on a pump track by making a pumping motion. A nice way to develop your skills and a great full-body workout. Pump tracks are suitable for all ages and levels.

Improve skills and participate?
Would you like to try out a pump track or improve your skills? This is possible on Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 May. Or are you ready to compete with the other pump track riders? Then click here for more information.

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